First column in Ny Tid

This is just a small post to let everyone know that you can also read opinion articles written by me in the Finnish magazine Ny Tid (in Swedish).

The first one is called To build our Finland and can be found here. It is an article that deals with the differences in opinion I had about Finland before and after moving here in April 2017. It also portrays the ever going difficulty I have found in getting legal matters sorted here which, over time, starts making you feel redundant and a burden to society.

I think it is always difficult to start from the beginning in a brand new country but Finland has brought quite a few difficult with it: the language(s), the climate, the remoteness but, above all, its bureaucratic level. And although the first three are aspect that cannot be changed, the latter can be done! Why is it not?

The moral of the story, or rather, the point I am trying to make by writing this article is that Finland needs to be careful not to alienate highly qualified immigrants who come here for whatever reason and find no support and quite a few barriers which prevent them from continuing life as smoothly as possible.

As I put it in the article…

My experience leads me to conclude that, at the moment, Finland is ill equipped to successfully integrate high-skilled workers. This must be urgently addressed if Finland wants to retain an able workforce who can feel a sense of belonging.

I hope you enjoy the article – if you understand Swedish! More to come on this front…


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